Bovie Resources provide education on all things related to: surgery, electrosurgery, operating room safety, and the new J-Plasma technology. 

J-Plasma, Monopolar Electrosurgery, Argon Beam and CO2 Laser: A Comparative Evaluation of Thermal Spread in a Porcine Tissue Model [White-paper]

Screen_Shot_2014-12-02_at_8.56.26_AMThis latest study in a series of white paper’s is centered around Bovie® Medical’s helium-based J-Plasma® technology which is now available. The study compares the thermal spread between standard monopolar electrosurgery, argon beam, CO2 laser devices.





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J-Plasma: Your Questions Answered [eBook]

J-Plasma eBook Cover

J-Plasma is one of the most cutting edge developments that, Bovie Medical believes, represents the future of electrosurgery.

J-Plasma brings several groundbreaking features to the table that will forever change the way surgeons use their tools in the operating theater. 

Our eBook will:
  • Introduce J-Plasma and its many benefits
  • Describe J-Plasma's advantages over electrosurgery
  • Compare J-Plasma to lasers

Addressing Surgical Smoke in the OR [eBook]

addressing surgical smoke in the OR

It is estimated that over 500,000 people are exposed to surgical smoke each year.

In this eBook, we address the causes, composition and hazards of surgical smoke.  Additionally, we share recommendations and standards for smoke plume protection, and the operational specifications and effectiveness of the Smoke Shark II in evacuating surgical smoke plumes.

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J-Plasma vs. Electrosurgery [eBook]

J-Plasma vs. ElextrosurgeryFor over 85 years the medical profession has turned to electrosurgery to assist with difficult surgical procedures. Since 1926, the applications and advances of electrosurgery have made the procedure commonplace in hospitals and private practices alike.

As medical technology has continued to evolve, advances in electrosurgery have paved the way for a new type of procedure: J-Plasma™.

In this eBook, you will:

  • Understand the differences between electrosurgery and J-Plasma™
  • Develop a better understanding of what J-Plasma™ is and how it works
  • And more! 

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J-Plasma vs. Laser [eBook]

J-Plasma vs Laser

Both J-PLASMA™ and Laser involve the application of energy to an operative site. In the case ofJ-PLASMA™, the energy is transferred by a stream of ionized helium gas while in Laser, the energy is transferred in a beam of light.  Each can be adapted over a wide range of settings formultiple effects from relatively mild, as might be used in skin resurfacing, to intense and ablative, which could possibly be used for removing diseased tissue. 

In this eBook, you will learn about the differences in:

  • Energy application 
  • Colors of light
  • Expenses
  • Safety
  • And more! 

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How to Choose Procedure Room Lighting:
A Quick Guide [eBook]

Understanding Medical Procedure LightingMedical error is a growing concern for medical industry governing boards like the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).  One way that medical error can be reduced and dangerous procedures can be completed more safely, is by including reliable procedure lights in a procedure room. While not often thought about, effective procedure lighting is a critical component of a well-functioning medical environment. 

Download this free eBook to: 

  • Better understand what to look for when choosing procedure room lighting
  • Explore the difference between halogen and LED lights
  • And more!

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Understanding the New J-Plasma Technology

J-Plasma Bovie Medical

 Over the last decade, Bovie’s J-Plasma has evolved into a fully functional surgical tool.

New research has shown additional uses for this technology further increasing its benefits and functionality, making J-Plasma, potentially, a revolutionary sugical tool.

This eBook will:
  • Introduce the healthcare field to what could be the promising future of surgery

  • Help develop a better understanding of what J-Plasma is and how it works

  • Inform readers of pending patents

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Understanding Electrosurgery [eBook]

Understanding Electrosurgery eBookWith the changes in the medical field over the last decade, a larger percentage of surgical procedures are moving out of the traditional operationg room into Dr.'s offices and clinics.  

Virtually every Dr.'s office is a potential customer for electrosurgical equipment.

This eBook will:
  • Introduce you to the world of electrosurgery

  • Serve as a reminder to those of you who are experts in the world of electrosurgery

This eBook will help you stay ahead of your competition, by equipping you with one of the most powerful tools you have-- knowledge.  Let's get going!

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Understanding Electrosurgery for Veterinarians [eBook]

Electrosurgery for Veterinarians Bovie Medical

Electrosurgery is now being used in over 80% of all surgical procedures. Additionally, electrosurgery reduces many risks involved with surgery, when properly used, and enables veterinarians to perform a variety of procedures.

This ebook:

  • Presents the basics for understanding electrosurgery for veterinarians

  • Describes the top three electrosurgical generators for veterinarians

  • Helps veterinarians to understand that they have a choice with their electrosurgical tools

  • Touches on how smoke evacuators are an important part of electrosurgery in the veterinary industry

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Electrosurgical Generator Safety Guidelines [eBook]

Electrosurgical Generator Safety Guidelines

The safe and effective use of electrosurgery depends to a large degree on factors solely under the control of the operator. There is no substitute for a properly trained and vigilant medical staff.

Our eBook will present you with:

  • Warnings and cautions to help you operate our equipment with maximum safety.

  • Fire/Explosion Hazards

  • Electric Shock Hazard

  • Patient Safety Guidelines

Note: This equipment is for use only by trained, licensed physicians. 

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