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J-Plasma: Your Questions Answered

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Four Popular Energy Based Devices

4 popular bovie

The number of energy based devices for medical purposes has increased considerably in the past few years.  However, these surgical tools are not like computers.  They do not replace one another and leave the prior model useless.

6 Common Misconceptions About Electrosurgery

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Electrosurgical devices have revolutionized surgery.  Blood loss and other collateral damage from traditional surgical methods have long plagued patients and doctors with unwanted complications.  With applications ranging from gynecological and cardiac surgeries to spinal and neurological procedures, electrosurgical generators are making surgery a safer and more effective alternative for people everywhere.  However, as with any technology, there are misconceptions about electrosurgery.  Here are a handful of tips to clear up the confusion.

Electrosurgery for Skin Problems: Common Uses for Family Practice Physicians

Electro for skin bovie

Using electrosurgery for skin lesions is not a new practice in the medical field.  More than a decade ago, Dr. Barry L. Hainer and Dr. Richard B Usatine published an article titled "Electrosurgery for the Skin", stating:

Smoke Evacuation from the Peritoneum

smoke evacuator Bovie

Electrosurgery can, and does, create surgical smoke which may have several effects even during laparoscopic surgery.

Electrosurgery Safety for the Vets and Pets

electrosurgery safety bovie

New and innovative techniques and technologies for veterinary surgery have been increasing in recent years.  One of the most popular of these new technologies is electrosurgery.  The veterinary applications of Bovie Aaron and similar products offer a revolutionary way to improve surgical tasks. This procedure is safe, reliable, and offers a unique and unparalleled precision surgical cut with immediate coagulation.

5 Veterinary Surgical Equipment Must Haves

5 vet surgery must haves

As a veterinary professional, you work in a specialized field with specialized equipment.  When it comes to outfitting your hospital or operating room with the tools of the trade, there are some essentials.  Here's a look at a few of the basic tools any operating room utilizing the latest electrosurgical techniques should have on hand.

Simple Cautery Applications for the Veterinary Practice

cautery procedures in vet practices bovie

Already proven as a stellar addition to surgical procedures everywhere, the Bovie Aaron cautery devices have exceptional applications in a veterinary practice, as well.  While electrosurgery has virtually replaced traditional scalpels for a number of common medical procedures, cautery may not be far behind.  With the combination of simple battery operated cautery and the more complex electrosurgery units, the veterinary applications of Bovie Aaron devices cover the gamut from simple topical treatments to complex internal surgeries.

Surgical Risk Reduction and Improved Patient Outcomes with Electrosurgery

Surgical risk outcomes Bovie

When it comes to planning the best course of action involving a patient, it is important to consider not only all the options, but the best ones suited to the operation or treatment being performed.  As with any procedure, some of the greatest concerns revolve around the loss of blood and possibility of infection.  These are two primary reasons to implement and utilize electrosurgical devices.

Bovie and Pacemaker: What You Need to Know

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It has been reported that at least 80% of all surgical procedures performed involve electrosurgery units (ESUs). The Bovie Electrosurgery Generator is used to cut or coagulate tissue using electrical current at varying voltages and currents. As with any invasive procedure, proper training in safety methods is mandatory for avoiding injuries to either the patients or the surgical team.

Surgical Risk Reduction and Improved Patient Outcomes with J-Plasma

jplasma bovie

At Bovie Medical, we stay on the very edge of breakthroughs in medical technology.  There is no better example of this than the J-Plasma device, which utilizes a new, innovative method to create a cutting plasma stream allowing surgeons quick, precise excision and coagulation with only a minimum of electricity to the surgical site.  What this means for surgeons is a new surgical tool using an inert gas plasma and cutting blade, which creates negligible damage to the surrounding tissue and no need for a return electrode.

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