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J-Plasma vs. CO2 Laser in Treatment of Endometriosis

Posted by Bovie Medical on Wed, Apr 6, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynecological problems, affecting 6 to 10 percent of women of reproductive age.  Over half of women and teenage girls with pelvic pain have endometriosis and up to half of women who are infertile have this disease.  It can cause severe pain as a result of lesions, scar tissue, and inflammation.

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2016 Worldwide EndoMarch: March 19

Posted by Bovie Medical on Tue, Mar 15, 2016 @ 01:00 PM

People and organizations all over the world will be joining together on March 19th for the 2016 ENDOMARCH.  This is an annual event to be held in many different cities around the world to increase the awareness of endometriosis.  Begun in 2013, this will be the fourth yearly march in support of increasing awareness of this devastating condition.

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Animal Care Reigns at the 2016 WVC 88th Conference

Posted by Bovie Medical on Thu, Mar 3, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

For the last 87 years, the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) has shared the latest innovations and processes for veterinary medicine professionals throughout the U.S. and around the world.  This conference is the court for veterinarian and animal health royalty, and the Randall G. Ezell 88th Annual Conference promises to continue that regal tradition.  It will be held March 6-10, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino conference center in Las Vegas.  The convention offers a full 5-day educational consortium for every specialty of veterinary medicine and will have pertinent information for every level of animal care and medicine for veterinary professionals.

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The Advancements of Bovie Products in 2015

Posted by Bovie Medical on Fri, Feb 26, 2016 @ 11:30 AM

Twenty fifteen was a great year for Bovie Medical Corporation! After a legacy of 89 successful years, we rebranded our company. As evidenced in 2015, Bovie is swiftly operating with precision to bring relevant healthcare solutions to our customers.  The transformation of our logo represents our acceleration and dedication towards this goal.

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Putting Skin in the Game at the 2016 AAD Conference

Posted by Bovie Medical on Tue, Feb 23, 2016 @ 03:00 PM

Dermatologists can invest in their careers and put some skin in the game by attending the upcoming 74th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in Washington, D.C. from March 4-8, 2016. Attendees will be able to take advantage of unparalleled educational activities while networking and exchanging ideas with their peers.  The setting will also provide wonderful sightseeing opportunities to pursue in your free time.

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Topics: J-Plasma, dermatology, dermatological skin treatments, AAD

Innovative Treatment for Rhinophyma

Posted by Bovie Medical on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 03:30 PM

J-Plasma® is a new FDA-approved surgical device that harnesses the power of helium gas plasma for precise and controlled cutting, coagulation, fulguration and desiccation of diseased tissue.

This Winner of the 2014 SLS Innovation of the year, J-Plasma® passes an inert gas, helium, over an electrically charged retractable surgical blade, to create a controlled, precise beam of cold plasma. Available in both an open and laparoscopic handpiece option, J-Plasma® features a hand-held 5mm diameter surgical probe with a push button hand activator (a foot pedal option is also available) that is connected to a Bovie Ultimate Generator. The tool is unique in that it doesn’t produce any conductive currents that would require a grounding pad.

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Topics: J-Plasma, coagulation, desiccation, precision

5 Must-Have Tools for Your OB/GYN Clinic

Posted by Bovie Medical on Thu, Feb 4, 2016 @ 01:00 PM

Colposcopy exams are a regular occurrence in the OB/GYN office.  To provide additional service and better patient care, many OB/GYN’s choose to perform surgical procedures in the office.  For the physician looking to implement more in-house procedures, here are five products to consider for safe, effective patient management:

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Topics: Bovie Medical Loop Electrodes, colposcope, Smoke Shark Evacuator, OBGYN

Setting Up Your Colposcopy Suite in One Easy Step

Posted by Bovie Medical on Fri, Jan 29, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Like most medical practices, obstetric and gynecology offices are under increasing pressure to keep costs down, quality of care up and patient satisfaction on the rise.  In order to achieve this goal, doctors must be able to work efficiently, using top quality, consistently reliable tools. 

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Topics: Electrosurgery Unit, electrosurgery, colposcopy, colposcope

Monopolar vs. Bipolar Electrosurgery Products

Posted by Bovie Medical on Wed, Jan 20, 2016 @ 04:59 PM

Electrosurgical procedures utilize high-frequency electrical currents to excise, coagulate and destroy various tissues. The energy can be delivered using monopolar or bipolar modalities. While both are effective, there are advantages to using one over the other, contingent on the procedure and the patient. Understanding the differences between the two will help you understand why either option may be preferable in a given situation.

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Key Things to Know About a Colposcope

Posted by Bovie Medical on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

A colposcope is a lighted, magnifying device used to examine the vagina and cervix.  It is similar to, and may resemble, a set of binoculars and enables the physician or nurse practitioner to see problems or potential problems that might be missed by the naked eye.  It is utilized when a pap smear indicates abnormal results, like a bacterial, fungal or protozoic infection, for example. The procedure is known as a colposcopy.

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